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  • Publication
    A Compositional Scheduling Framework for Digital Avionics Systems
    (2009-08-24) Easwaran, Arvind; Lee, Insup; Sokolsky, Oleg; Vestal, Steve; Easwaran, Arvind; Lee, Insup; Sokolsky, Oleg; Vestal, Steve
    ARINC specification 653-2 describes the interface between application software and underlying middleware in a distributed real-time avionics system. The real-time workload in this system comprises of partitions, where each partition consists of one or more processes. Processes incur blocking and preemption overheads, and can communicate with other processes in the system. In this work, we develop compositional techniques for automated scheduling of such partitions and processes. At present, system designers manually schedule partitions based on interactions they have with the partition vendors. This approach is not only time consuming, but can also result in under utilization of resources.
  • Publication
    Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling Considering Concurrency and Urgency
    (2009-12-01) Lee, Jinkyu; Easwaran, Arvind; Shin, Insik; Lee, Insup; Lee, Jinkyu; Easwaran, Arvind; Shin, Insik; Lee, Insup
    It has been widely studied how to schedule real-time tasks on multiprocessor platforms. Several studies find optimal scheduling policies for implicit deadline task systems, but it is hard to understand how each policy utilizes the two important aspects of scheduling real-time tasks on multiprocessors: inter-job concurrency and job urgency. In this paper, we introduce a new scheduling policy that considers these two properties. We prove that the policy is optimal for the special case when the execution time of all tasks are equally one and deadlines are implicit, and observe that the policy is a new concept in that it is not an instance of Pfair or ERfair. It remains open to find a scheduliability condition for general task systems under our scheduling policy.