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    Thriving for Individuals with Disabilities: Towards a Collective Model in Midland County, Michigan
    (2021-05-01) Donchez, Lauren E; Edelstein, Michelle; Diaz, Xaviera; Miller, Kathryn A
    Midland County, Michigan, is a progressive community in which positive psychology contributes to the flourishing of its citizens. They have formed a Steering Committee consisting of numerous organizations that serve people living with disabilities. The purpose of this project was to develop a collective model of success for individuals with disabilities that would enable agencies supporting this population to effectively partner and build flourishing for this community. This project identified four key pillars that support thriving for individuals with disabilities: character strengths, self-determination, mattering, and belonging. Through a series of 15-minute workshops facilitated by a Steering Committee member, they will understand the construct of each pillar, have the opportunity to practice specific interventions in their personal and professional lives, and develop ways to implement the key concepts within their agencies to serve the individuals with disabilities.