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    (2020-10-01) Rhee, Nari; Budnick, Ryan
    The University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics (PWPL) is an occasional series published by the Penn Graduate Linguistics Society. The series has included volumes of previously unpublished work, or work in progress, by linguists with an ongoing affiliation with the Department, as well as volumes of papers from NWAV and the Penn Linguistics Colloquium/Conference. This volume contains selected papers from the 43rd Penn Linguistics Conference, held from March 22-24, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA, at the University of Pennsylvania. Thanks go to Jennifer Arlin, Johanna Benz, Spencer Caplan, Andrea Ceolin, Yiran Chen, Ava Creemers, Jordan Kodner, Aini Li, Daoxin Li, Ruaridh Purse, and Ruicong Sun for their help in editing. Since Vol. 14.2, PWPL has been an internet-only publication. As of September 2014, the entire back catalog has been digitized and made available on ScholarlyCommons@Penn. Please continue citing PWPL papers or issues as you would a print journal article, though you may also provide the URL of the manuscript. An example is below: Jeoung, Helen. 2020. Wh-agreement Across Three Domains in Indonesian. In University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 26.1, ed. Nari Rhee and Ryan Budnick, 115-123. Available at: http://repository.upenn.edu/pwpl/vol26/iss1/14 Publication in the University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics (PWPL) does not preclude submission of papers elsewhere; copyright is retained by the author(s) of individual papers. The PWPL editors can be contacted at: U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, 3401-C Walnut Street, Suite 300, C Wing, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228 and working-papers@ling.upenn.edu. Nari Rhee and Ryan Budnick, Issue Editors