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  • Publication
    Character Strengths as an Antidote to Burnout Among Healthcare Trainees
    (2021-05-01) Jonason, Kristin; Sutton, Brittany; Kasman, Nicholette
    Burnout among healthcare workers is a particular kind of occupational stress characterized by emotional fatigue, loss of energy and withdrawal from work. A character strengths-based intervention was designed to mitigate the effects of burnout upon medical trainees at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Over the course of a year pediatric anesthesia fellows will participate in four training sessions in character strengths with the intention of giving them increased tools for personal support and improved team dynamics. An introduction to character strengths, appreciating character strengths, mindfulness and character strengths, and character strengths at work and at home were the topics covered. The goal is to improve well-being by better appreciating the strengths in both themselves and others. Results of the intervention were assessed by self-report.
  • Publication
    Improving employee well-being through workplace contexts and behaviors
    (2021-07-20) Jonason, Kristin
    There is a business case for organizations to prioritize and invest in employee well-being. Utilizing the scientific study of positive psychology, this literature review highlights the employee and employer benefits of increasing employee well-being and describes a handful of different practices organizations can implement in their workplaces to do so: increasing access to nature in the workplace by incorporating natural light or encouraging walks outside; increasing employee autonomy by allowing more flexible work schedules; prioritizing positive work relationships by implementing specific interventions; and providing opportunities for employees to experience flow at work through activities such as meditation. These interventions may lead to happier and healthier employees as well increased organizational productivity and profitability.