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  • Publication
    Accounting for Citizenship: Are our expectations for civic education too modest?
    (2004-07-14) Johanek, Michael C; Puckett, John
    In an era of tests and standards, how do our schools score in preparing citizens? Are any superintendents worrying about their jobs because of low civic scores on state assessments? There is no more central purpose to schools in a democracy than the preparation of citizens, yet you would hardly know it from how we hold these key public institutions accountable. Questions about the health of our civic life underlie many of today's central campaign issues, from taxes to foreign policy. What sort of democracy are we, and what do we expect every citizen to be able to do?
  • Publication
    The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools
    (2009-07-01) Benson, Lee; Harkavy, Ira; Johanek, Michael C; Puckett, John