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    Model-Based Testing and Monitoring for Hybrid Embedded Systems
    (2004-11-08) Tan, Li; Sokolsky, Oleg; Lee, Insup; Kim, Jesung
    We propose an integrated framework for testing and monitoring the model-based embedded systems. The framework incorporates three components: 1) model-based test generation for hybrid system, 2) run-time verification, and 3) modular code generation for hybrid systems. To analyze the behavior of a model-based system, the model of the system is augmented with a testing automaton that represents a given test case, and with a monitoring automaton that captures the formally specified properties of the system. The augmented model allows us to perform the model-level validation. In the next step, we use the modular code generator to convert the testing and monitoring automata into code that can be linked with the system code to perform the validation tasks on the implementation level. The paper illustrates our techniques by a case study on the Sony AIBO robot platform.