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    Validity of the Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills as an Indicator of Early Literacy for Urban Kindergarten Children
    (2006-01-01) Rouse, Heather L; Fantuzzo, John
    The validity of three subtests of the Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) was investigated for kindergarten children in a large urban school district. A stratified, random sample of 330 participants was drawn from an entire cohort of kindergarten children. Letter Naming Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, and Nonsense Word Fluency evidenced significant concurrent and predictive validity when compared to general reading ability measured by teacher report, individual assessments, and group-administered nationally standardized tests. Evidence for convergent and discriminant validity was also found when comparing these subtests to measures of specific literacy, cognitive, and social-behavioral constructs.
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    Early Childhood Experiences and Kindergarten Success: A Population-Based Study of a Large Urban Setting
    (2005-01-01) Fantuzzo, John; Rouse, Heather L; McDermott, Paul; Childs, Stephen; Weiss, Andrea
    This study examined the unique protective influence of center-based early care and education experiences on kindergarten outcomes for children entering public school kindergarten. The 3,969 participants were geographically and demographically representative of an entire kindergarten cohort in a large urban school district. Child age, gender, ethnicity, family poverty, low maternal education, and neighborhood were found to be risks for academic and behavioral adjustment upon kindergarten entry. Controlling for these risks, formal, center-based experiences were related significantly to higher levels of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Knowledge, Motor Skills, and Work Habits performance assessments and attendance in kindergarten. Initial advantages associated with center-based early care and education were sustained across the kindergarten year.
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    Connecting the Dots: The Promise of Integrated Data Systems for Policy Analysis and Systems Reform
    (2010-03-22) Culhane, Dennis P; Fantuzzo, John; Rouse, Heather L; Tam, Vicky; Lukens, Jonathan
    This article explores the use of integrated administrative data systems in support of policy reform through interagency collaboration and research. The legal, ethical, scientific and economic challenges of interagency data sharing are examined. A survey of eight integrated data systems, including states, local governments and university-based efforts, explores how the developers have addressed these challenges. Some exemplary uses of the systems are provided to illustrate the range, usefulness and import of these systems for policy and program reform. Recommendations are offered for the broader adoption of these systems and for their expanded use by various stakeholders.