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  • Publication
    Helping Elderly Persons in Transition: A Framework for Research and Practice
    (1999) Schumacher, Karen L; Meleis, Afaf I; Jones, Patricia S
  • Publication
    The evolving nursing scholarliness
    (1983) Meleis, Afaf I
    The thesis of this discussion is that nursing is involved in a scholarly evolution, that this evolution has properties and norms that have evolved from previous stages of development, and that every previous stage had a major contribution leading to our current evolution. The discussion is based on the premise that a reflective stance and self-analysis are essential to growth and development and that meaning and ideas are enhanced when one is able to trace their origins, the problems that motivated their development, the conceptualizations to which they relate, and the knowledge of how one intellectual tradition grows from another. Progress in nursing theory is a most significant aspect of this scholarly evolution and a cornerstone of the discipline of nursing. It behooves us, therefore, to review the events that influenced the current stage of nursing scholarliness and the contributions of nursing theory to it. In its search for professional identity and meaning, nursing has proceeded through several stages. Self-analysis and evaluation and the view and status accorded nursing in our patriarchal society made it appear as if each successive stage was a deviation from the goal of establishing the discipline of nursing. But in essence each stage has sharpened and clarified the dimensions needed for establishing the scientific discipline, prompting or leading to the scholarly evolution in nursing.
  • Publication
    And the Cosmopolitans Plan Parenthood...!
    (1970) Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim
  • Publication
    The Case Against the DNP: History, Timing, Substance, and Marginalization
    (2005-09-01) Meleis, Afaf; Dracup, Kathleen
    Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or not? The answer is not! Within the historical context of our discipline, a doctorate degree should stand for advancing and translating knowledge. Clinical practice is the core of this knowledge. Separating the practice and research missions could undermine our ability to be equal partners in universities, as well as diminish our effectiveness in establishing the evidence for quality and safe health care.
  • Publication
    Women's health: A global perspective
    (1997) Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim; Aly, Ferial A.M.
    The purpose of this chapter is to discuss global issues related to women's health. Several universal issues were selected for presentation to provide a context for understanding health care for women and to challenge readers to identify potential threats to quality care. In addition, principles that have been proposed for the development and implementation of a viable and comprehensive health care system for women are identified and discussed. The intent here is not to capture the situation and health experience of women in all parts of the world; nor is it possible to address all the contextual contingencies needed for addressing women's health. Rather, the intent is to provide a framework for understanding the neglect that women have encountered in all aspects of their lives, including health care. Furthermore, our aim is to provide those who have been committed to health care for women with support in their attempt to provide quality health carefor other women. Finally,our goal is to raise the readers' consciousness of women's health needs beyond the United States. We fully realize that women's health issues cannot be understood in isolation from the specific sociocultural context of their situations; however, by highlighting some universals, perhaps we can underscore the need for global cooperation in taking a more coherent and coordinated approach to providing affordable and quality health care for women.
  • Publication
    Transitions: A Nursing Concern
    (1986) Chick, Norma; Meleis, Afaf Ibrahim
  • Publication
    Preventive role supplementation: A grounded conceptual framework
    (1980) Meleis, Afaf I; Swendsen, Leslee; Jones, Deloras
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  • Publication
    Commentary: Human Capital in Health Care, A Resource Crisis or a Caring Crisis?
    (2006-07-01) Meleis, Afaf
    Predicting and shaping the human capacity resources for health care globally for the future requires voice and valuation of, and about, caring.