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    Prevention-Oriented Clinic
    (2013-04-06) Ambani, Zainab; Dunlap, Patricia; Ho, Suzanna
    Chronic diseases are heavily taxing the American health system. The federal government has implemented new laws, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in order to increase American wellness at no additional cost and to reduce the significant financial burden. Considering the enactment of ACA and cost cutting, it’s an opportune time to explore new approaches to delivering high quality patient care before the start of a disease. Preventative health wellness clinics can serve this purpose. However, preventative care clinics are not without challenges. Modifying patients’ behaviors have proven to be difficult and no research literature exists to provide an evidence-based approach which has a proven record in changing poor patient habits. However, if focus is placed on patients who are at increased risk for developing a chronic illness and tests favorable for behavior modification, the ideal preventative health clinic may set the stage for improved healthcare outcomes and cost reduction.