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    Oxy Fuel for Clean Energy Generation
    (2018-04-20) Hally, Patrick J; Muqeem, Najib M; Richter, Colin B; Schanstra, Timothy R
    This process explores several concentrations of oxygen-enriched air streams (oxy fuel) in combination with natural gas to generate steam for a steam turbine power plant with 30 MW capacity. The proposed location for this plant is the gulf coast of the United States. The oxy fuel concentrations tested were 36 mol. %, 53 mol. %, and 95 mol. %. Nitrogen removed from air would be sold as well as the 30 MW of electricity. The three oxygen purities were not profitable for the most realistic prices of electricity, nitrogen, and natural gas. However, the scenarios were all profitable with prices of nitrogen above $0.015/lb. Additionally, the profitability could be improved with higher electricity prices or better thermal efficiency. A key takeaway is that the level of oxygen purity did not have a major effect on profitability for a given nitrogen price.