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    The “Invisible” Chinese Employees: The Influential Factors Of Job Satisfaction Of Chinese Employees In The American Workplace
    (2020-05-01) Xu, Xian
    There are about 2.23 million Chinese workers employed in the American workplace. However, Chinese workers have received disproportionately less attention in the research of job satisfaction in the US. They should not be “invisible.” This capstone is a mixed-method research study that focuses on the influential factors of job satisfaction of Chinese employees in the American workplace, who are the first generation of Chinese immigrants originally coming from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan. Data was collected using a Qualtrics survey of fifteen questions and nine personal interviews with Chinese employees in various industries. The finding of this study reveals that Chinese employees generally have a higher satisfaction rate with their organization and organizational culture than non-Chinese employees. Chinese employees attach importance to career development in the workplace, but put less value on the leadership/management in the organization, compared to their non-Chinese peers. Also, more Chinese employees feel excluded in the American workplace than non-Chinese employees. This study provides valuable information for managers and organizations in motivating and including their Chinese immigrant employees.