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    Propane Dehydrogenation by Autothermal Reforming
    (2016-04-01) Barsamian, Jeffrey W; Rao, Jayant A; Staiber, Patrick J; Wamakima, Eric
    The proposed design is for the the production of propene through propane dehydrogenation using Thyssen Krupp’s STAR technology and a hybrid membrane separation. The plant has a capacity of 700 kT/yr and will be located in the Middle East. At current propane/propene prices, the use of Thyssen Krupp’s STAR process and hybrid membrane separation is not economical and has a negative IRR. The NPV of this project at current market prices is -$865MM. However, economic feasibility depends on volatile market conditions. The process begins with the oxydehydrogenation section, consisting of four reformers connected to four oxyreactors that are cycled to allow for regeneration of the .2-.6%Pt- Sn/ZnAl2O5 catalyst. In order to produce polymer grade propene, a separation is needed following dehydrogenation. Separation operations include adsorption, MEA absorption system, distillation, and a hybrid distillation/membrane C3 splitter.