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    Learning First Order Quantifier Denotations An Essay in Semantic Learnability
    (1996-09-01) Clark, Robin
    This paper addresses the problem of how a learner would associate a denotation with a determiner on the basis of the pairing of a simple sentence with some perceptual input. Following work by van Benthem (1985), first order quantification is simulated with (a subclass of) finite state automata. Results from Angluin (1988) are used to demonstrate the learnability of this class.
  • Publication
    Kolmogorov Complexity and the Information Content of Parameters
    (1994-10-01) Clark, Robin
    A key goal of linguistic theory is to account for the logical problem of language acquisition. In particular, linguistic constraints can be taken as constraining the learner’s hypothesis space and, so, reducing its computational burden. In this paper, I will motivate an information theoretic approach to explaining some linguistic constraints. In particular, the theory attempts to relate ease of acquisition with the simplicity of linguistic representations and their frequency in the learner’s input text. To this end, the paper reviews some results in information theory and Kolmogorov complexity and relates them to a theory of parameters.