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    5.4 - Porod, Guinier, and Kratke Plots
    (2016-08-05) Heiney, Paul A.
    Different ways of representing SAXS data. Porod plots pull out high-Q features on a linear scale. Guinier plots can be used to extract the radiation of gyration. Kratke plots can help distinguish between extended and compact conformations of chains such as proteins. Time 6:44.
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    4.3 - Smectic Liquid Crystals and Lamellar Polymers
    (2016-08-02) Heiney, Paul A.
    General features of layered soft materials such as smectic liquid crystals and lamellar polymers. Identification of lamellar phases. What you can learn from peak intensities. Time 4:53.
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    4.2 - Powder Diffraction
    (2016-07-27) Heiney, Paul A.
    Challenges and advantages of measuring samples that consist of many microscopic domains. Steps in a powder diffraction measurement. Example of a classic measurement in alkali-doped C60. Time 7:20.
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    7.1 - The de Broglie Wavelength
    (2016-08-25) Heiney, Paul A.
    Introduction to using massive particles (electrons, neutrons) for diffraction. The de Broglie relation relates the momentum of a particle to its wavelength. Time 3:46.
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    3.3 - Fourier Transforms and Bragg's Law
    (2016-07-23) Heiney, Paul A.
    Connection between Fourier transforms and X-ray scattering. Scalar product of vectors. Fourier transforms in three dimensions. The Patterson function. Time 8:13.
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    8.4 - Attenuation of X-rays in Matter
    (2016-08-29) Heiney, Paul A.
    Importance of attenuation in lab safety. Calculation of attenuation lengths. Time 6:21.
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    3.5 - The Reciprocal Lattice
    (2016-07-24) Heiney, Paul A.
    Definition and use of reciprocal lattice. The cross product of two vectors. Recipe for reciprocal lattice vectors. Reformulation of Bragg's Law in terms of wave vectors and reciprocal lattice vectors. General features of scattering from crystals. Relationship between Bragg's Law and Fourier transform formulations. Time 8:42.
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    7.4 - Neutron Scattering Techniques
    (2016-08-25) Heiney, Paul A.
    Selected techniques in neutron scattering. Isotopic substitution, small angle neutron scattering, inelastic scattering, phonons, magnetic scattering. Time 7:04.
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    6.3 - Grazing Incidence Scattering
    (2016-08-15) Heiney, Paul A.
    Grazing incidence scattering, sometimes Grazing Incidence Diffraction (GID) or Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering (GIXS) is used to probe the internal structure of thin films on solid or liquid substrates. Time 3:52.
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    1.2 - Interference and the Wave Nature of Light
    (2016-03-24) Heiney, Paul A.
    The basic physics of waves and light, and interference, which provide a foundational background to understanding X-ray scattering. Time 5:36