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    Community Health: A Patient Satisfaction Inquiry at Puentes de Salud, a Health and Wellness Clinic Centering the Latinx Community in Philadelphia, PA
    (2019-01-01) Izaguirre, Carlota O; Larson, Steven C.; Polomano, Rosemary
    Free healthcare clinic models contribute the health and wellness of a community providing essential preventative and acute healthcare screening and diagnosis, mitigating negative health outcomes and higher healthcare costs for the individual. Current research supports optimizing community health through knowledge gained from frequent assessment of patient satisfaction and perceived barriers to healthcare. This study examined the level of patient satisfaction at Puentes de Salud (Puentes), a nonprofit healthcare clinic serving Philadelphia’s Latinx migrant community. Utilizing a validated and reliable survey instrument that captures patient satisfaction with healthcare, Spanish or English- speaking patients (n= 79) 18-89 years of age completed a self-administered survey. In addition, a demographic questionnaire with open ended clinic inquiry questions was developed to assesses healthcare access barriers. Participants reported a higher level of satisfaction with higher number of clinic visits but did not report higher scores with more years associated with the clinic. Appointment reminders, improving communication/ answering phone calls, and access to specialty services were suggested to optimize participant health. Improving patient satisfaction and identifying perceived barriers to healthcare presents a unique opportunity to incorporate community needs at Puentes to ensure future growth and utilization of the clinic.