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    QuanTM: A Quantitative Trust Management System
    (2009-03-01) West, Andrew G; Aviv, Adam J; Chang, Jian; Prabhu, Vinayak S; Blaze, Matthew A; Kannan, Sampath; Lee, Insup; Smith, Jonathan M; Sokolsky, Oleg
    Quantitative Trust Management (QTM) provides a dynamic interpretation of authorization policies for access control decisions based on upon evolving reputations of the entities involved. QuanTM, a QTM system, selectively combines elements from trust management and reputation management to create a novel method for policy evaluation. Trust management, while effective in managing access with delegated credentials (as in PolicyMaker and KeyNote), needs greater flexibility in handling situations of partial trust. Reputation management provides a means to quantify trust, but lacks delegation and policy enforcement. This paper reports on QuanTM’s design decisions and novel policy evaluation procedure. A representation of quantified trust relationships, the trust dependency graph, and a sample QuanTM application specific to the KeyNote trust management language, are also proposed.