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    A New Model for Manuscript Provenance Research: The Mapping Manuscript Migrations Project
    (2022-06-10) Burrows, Toby; Emery, Doug; Fraas, Arthur Mitchell; Hyvönen, Eero; Ikkala, Esko; Koho, Mikko; Lewis, David; Morrison, Andrew; Page, Kevin; Ransom, Lynn; Cawlfield Thomson, Emma; Tuominen, Jouni; Velios, Athanasios; Wijsman, Hanno
    Since it was awarded a Round 4 Trans-Atlantic Platform Digging into Data Challenge grant in 2017, the Mapping Manuscript Migrations project has been working to develop and test a methodology to link disparate datasets from Europe and North America with the aim of providing large-scale analysis and visualizations of the history and provenance of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. Guided by a set of research questions identified at the outset of the project, MMM developed an innovative Linked Open Data model and dataset which unifies three separate manuscript-related databases in a semantically consistent way, together with the workflows for transforming the institutional data contributions into the common structure. The dataset has been made available through a Linked Open Data service hosted by the Linked Data Finland platform and the MMM semantic portal. The aggregated data can be queried and visualized at scales ranging from a single manuscript to a total of more than 216,000 manuscripts as a group. Visualization tools developed in the portal show how the manuscripts have traveled across time and space from their place of production to their current locations, where they continue to find new audiences. The following report summarizes our methodology and results, and lays the groundwork for further research using our processes.