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    100 NM Thick Aluminum Nitrade Based Piezoelectric Nano Switches Exhibiting 1 MV Threshold Voltage via Body-Biasing
    (2010-06-06) Sinha, Nipun; Guo, Zhijun; Piazza, Gianluca; Felmetsger, Valery V.
    This paper reports on the first demonstration of aluminum nitride (AIN) piezoelectric logic switches that were fabricated with ultra-thin (100nm) AIN films and exhibit a 1 mV threshold voltage via the body-biasing scheme. The application of a relatively low (< 6 V) fixed potential to the body terminal of a 4-terminal switch has been cycled to > 109 cycles and, although the contact resistance was found to be high (~ 1 MΩ), the nano-films have functioned throughout to show high piezoelectric nano-film reliability.
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    Body-Biased Complementary Logic Implemented Using AIN Piezoelectric MEMS Switches
    (2009-01-01) Sinha, Nipun; Jones, Timothy S.; Guo, Zhijun; Piazza, Gianluca
    This paper reports on the first implementation of low voltage complementary logic (< 1.5 V) by using body-biased aluminum nitride (AlN) piezoelectric MEMS switches. For the first time, by using opposite body biases the same mechanical switch has been made to operate as both an ntype and p-type (complementary) device. Body-biasing also gives the ability to precisely tune the threshold voltage of a switch. The AlN MEMS switches have shown extremely small subthreshold slopes and threshold voltages as low as 0.8 mV/dec and 30 mV, respectively. Furthermore, this work presents a fully mechanical body-biased inverter formed by two AlN MEMS switches operating at 100 Hz with a ± 1.5 V voltage swing.
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    Demonstration of Low Voltage and Functionally Complete Logic Operations Using Body-Biased Complementary and Ultra-Thin ALN Piezoelectric Mechanical Switches
    (2010-01-01) Sinha, Nipun; Jones, Timothy; Guo, Zhijun; Piazza, Gianluca
    This paper reports, for the first time, on the demonstration of low voltage and functionally complete logic elements (NAND and NOR) implemented by using body-biased complementary and ultra-thin (250 nm thick) Aluminum Nitride (AlN) based piezoelectric mechanical switches. This work presents, firstly, the importance of scaling AlN films for the demonstration of ultra-thin AlN switches and, secondly, the implementation of a new actuation scheme based on body biasing to lower the switch threshold voltage. Four of these ultra-thin switches were connected together to synthesize functionally complete MEMS logic gates (NAND and NOR) with a ± 2V swing and a body-bias voltage < 8 V.