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    Achieving Success In Business By Recognizing And Emphasizing The Importance Of Internal Relationships
    (2007-09-01) Mitchell, H. J. Omar
    This thesis is a portfolio of the courses I have taken in the Organizational Dynamics Program that have had the greatest impact on my views of how to successfully manage a business. While all of the courses I have taken have had an impact on me, I have selected several that at this time have been the most influential on my view of business operations. The overall goal of my course selection strategy was to increase my knowledge in the areas of Leadership Management and Practitioner. I have used these two areas as my primary foundation for learning. I have come to believe that recognizing, understanding, and improving internal relationships can translate into process efficiencies, improved market understanding, and therefore an improved bottom line. This process can best be achieved through effective communication at all levels of the organization. I outline how the courses in this program have made this clearer to me and have given me additional tools to implement that knowledge in my work environment.