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    Turning Division into Discourse: Educating Adolescents About Viewpoint Diversity
    (2017-01-01) Griffin, Erin McLaughlin
    In this time of increasing affective polarization in the United States and abroad, the importance of finding a positive path forward for political discourse cannot be understated. This capstone project is focused on the creation of a secondary educational curriculum aimed at cultivating viewpoint diversity. This proposed Viewpoint Diversity Curriculum (VDC) is intended to be a primer for high school students to enable them to engage in civil discussions and to elect (and become) knowledgeable and attuned leaders in their democracy. By using constructs such as intellectual humility, growth mindset, and actively open-minded thinking, the research presented here draws heavily on positive psychology literature to review each specific objective of the VDC. Ultimately, the goal is not to promote a particular value system, but to teach students skills of self-awareness with the intent of making them much more critically aware that other people matter, and their views and values matter, too.
  • Publication
    SPAR - Positive Intervention Application Plan for Ashoka University
    (2017-04-01) Griffin, Erin; Jaggard, Dwight; Singh, Glory; Turak, Jessica
    Ashoka University, a distinguished liberal arts university that is the intellectual home to over 900 hundred undergraduate and graduate students in Sonepat, India. We present here a program to enhance well-being based on the fundamentals of positive psychology. The program can start with a pilot and then be scaled using either trained professionals or trained peer counselors. The components of the program include strengths, positive relationships, attention and resilience thus forming the acronym SPAR. We have designed the program to take place in four 90-minute sessions ideal for the Young India Fellowship Fellows schedule of five-week semesters. It is equally applicable to undergraduates and could also be rolled out for faculty and staff if desired. We include a slide deck that is ready to use for the first session.