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    Exploring Human/Animal Intersections: Converging Lines of Evidence in Comparative Models of Aging
    (2008-01-01) Trojanowski, John Q; Aguirre, Gustavo D; Jedrziewski, Kathryn; Johnson, F. Brad; Hess, Rebecka S; Cancro, Michael P; Sleeper, Margaret M; Pignolo, Robert; Lee, Virginia Man-Yee; Hendricks, Joan C; Pack, Allan I; Davies, Peter F; Michel, Kathryn E; Teff, Karen L; Lawler, Dennis F
    At a symposium convened on March 8, 2007 by the Institute on Aging at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers from the University’s Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine explored the convergence of aging research emerging from the two schools. Studies in human patients, animal models, and companion animals have revealed different but complementary aspects of the aging process, ranging from fundamental biologic aspects of aging to the treatment of age-related diseases, both experimentally and in clinical practice. Participants concluded that neither animal nor human research alone will provide answers to most questions about the aging process. Instead, an optimal translational research model supports a bidirectional flow of information from animal models to clinical research.