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    Jumpstarting Post-War Rural Economies: A Case Study in Sierra Leone
    (2017-01-01) Herrera, Santiago
    Historically, Sierra Leone has experienced major social, political, and economic disruptions that have heightened poverty levels and the lack of proper living conditions in the nation. The most severe of these disruptions was the 1991-2002 civil conflict that devastated the country and left thousands of victims behind. This case study, based on direct observation, first-hand accounts, and interviews with locals from the village of Kalangba, highlights some of the major challenges that the village faced under the rebel regime, while pointing out the infrastructural, agricultural, and economic legacies that prevailed during the reconstruction period. Additionally, the research suggests that the conflict was a major driver towards the current oversaturation of NGO’s in the country. The alarming conditions of Sierra Leone further suggest that the development models adopted by NGO’s after the civil war have proven unsuccessful, underscoring the importance of modifying the current development models in place.