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    Rochester Rotary Super Star Scholars
    (2023-05-07) Trivedi, Bhumi; DuBose, Mariah; Sinnott, Mary; Hart, Jessica
    This paper describes the development and implementation of a positive psychology curriculum for high performing 5th-12th grade students. These students attend Roberto Clemente School No. 8, an inner-city school in the Rochester City School District, in Rochester New York and are supported by the local Rotary Club scholarship program. Our project aimed to enhance the overall well-being among these students by integrating evidence-based principles of positive psychology into their educational experience. We conducted a situational analysis of the school district and the role of the Rochester Rotary Club in supporting district students through their scholarship program. A comprehensive literature review was carried out to inform the design of age-appropriate materials and modules. Our collaboration with the Rochester Rotary Club facilitated the integration of the positive psychology curriculum into the school's monthly meetings between the students (scholars) and their Rotarian mentors. The curriculum consists of 10 distinct modules on a two-year rotating cycle, addressing topics such as goal setting, resilience, and character strengths. The aim is to empower students with the tools and knowledge necessary to foster their personal development and well-being, alongside academic achievement. The paper offers insights into the process of designing, implementing, and sustaining the positive psychology curriculum, highlighting the vital role of community partnerships in supporting such initiatives. The findings from this project have the potential to inform future educational practices, as well as contribute to the growing body of research on the benefits of positive psychology in educational settings.