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    15Five: Technology Aligned to the Science of Thriving
    (2019-01-01) Bigony, Courtney
    Workplace technology start-up, 15Five is unlocking the potential of the global workforce through technology aligned to the science of thriving. This case study describes Positive Product Design, the evidence-inspired method-in-development at 15Five which productizes five psychological constructs central to workplace thriving into software features including: psychological safety, positivity, strengths, intrinsic motivation, and growth mindset. 15Five leverages psychological science from peer reviewed journal articles and research translated through newer mediums such as TED talks, nonfiction books, and social media. When academics and thought leaders disseminate their research findings more broadly, they provide a new source of inspiration for others to learn and draw from. The academics whose research aligns with and inspired the creation of new product features in 15Five are featured. Others interested in reading this case study include CEOs and People Ops (HR) leaders who want to learn more about the science behind 15Five’s product, as well as anyone interested in a new method for designing Positive Technology.