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    C4 Operations Optimization
    (2016-04-01) Moroney, Michael; Smith, Evan M; Thompson, Marissa E; Torres, Fernando
    The primary objective of the project chronicled in this report was to design a model that optimizes C4 operations. This model will optimize the options for processing both “crude C4” and “Cat BB” streams, taking the feed stream makeup, market pricings, and capacity constraints into account. Crude C4 streams contain butanes, butenes, and butadienes, while “Cat BB” streams are similar in makeup but do not include butadienes. It is assumed that the equipment for all unit operations is readily available. In addition, the plant will already have a baseload of feedstock that does not fully utilize all the equipment in the plant, which allows for the purchase of feedstock that could potentially be profitable. Available unit operations include Butadiene extraction, MTBE production, Metathesis, 1-Butene distillation, Skeletal Isomerization, Olefin Isomerization, and Alkylation. The model will be required to make choices about which unit operations to utilize based on the constraints input by the user. While the model will not directly produce revenue, it will allow the company to optimize processes within the plant, finding the most profitable situation. Thus, it will be possible to assess the program’s value based on its accuracy.