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  • Publication
    Review: Extending Visible Band Computer Vision Techniques to Infrared Band Images
    (2001-01-01) Lin, Shih-Schon
    Infared imaging process bears many similarities to the visible imaging process. If visible band computer vision techniques can be used on infrared images with no or small adjustments it would save us the trouble of redeveloping a whole new set of techniques. However, there are important differences in the practical environmental parameters between visible and infrared bands that invalidates many convenient background assumptions inherent to visible-band computer vision techniques. We review here the underlying reasons why some computer vision techniques can while some cannot be applied directly to infrared images. We also examine a few attempts to extend computer vision to infrared images and discuss their relative merits.
  • Publication
    Single Cone Mirror Omni-Directional Stereo
    (2001-01-01) Lin, Shih-Schon; Bajcsy, Ruzena
    Omni-directional view and stereo information for scene points are both crucial in many computer vision applications. In some demanding applications like autonomous robots, we need to acquire both in real-time without sacrificing too much image resolution. This work describes a novel method to meet all the stringent demands with relatively simple setup and off-the-shelf equipments. Only one simple reflective surface and two regular (perspective) camera views are needed. First we describe the novel stereo method. Then we discuss some variations in practical implementation and their respective tradeoffs.