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    Platform-based Plug and Play of Automotive Safety Features - Challenges and Directions
    (2016-08-01) Gangadharan, Deepak; Kim, Jin Hyun; Lee, Insup; Sokolsky, Oleg; Kim, BaekGyu; Shiraishi, Shin'ichi
    Optional software-based features are increasingly becoming an important cost driver in automotive systems. These include features pertaining to active safety, infotainment, etc. Currently, these optional features are integrated into the vehicles at the factory during assembly. This severely restricts the flexibility of the customer to select and use features on-demand and therefore, the customer will either have to be satisfied with an available set of feature options or pre-order a car with the required features from the manufacturer resulting in considerable delay. In order to increase flexibility and reduce the delay, it is necessary to provide the option to configure the vehicle on-demand at the dealership or remotely. In this paper, we present our vision and challenges involved in developing a platform infrastructure that allows on-demand deployment of automotive safety features and ensures their correct execution.