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    Rethinking Intuition: Using the Framework of an Integrative-Brain Assessment for Optimal Decision-Making
    (2018-06-04) LeBoon, Richard
    The purpose of this capstone is to challenge the coaching community to rethink intuition as a form of intelligence, and that when applied to the coaching process can be of greater help to coaching clients within the context of decision-making. This capstone introduces the design and test pilot of an “Integrative-Brain Assessment” that uses a novel somatically-informed, neuroscience-based framework to help coaching clients engage their whole-brain for an optimal decision-making process. This assessment enables the coaching client’s ‘Intuitive Intelligence’ to absorb, synthesize, and integrate the elements of their problem or challenge so that a solution seems to pop into their head without any conscious effort on their part. The more the coaching client lets go and allows this organic process to work, the stronger their ‘Intuitive Intelligence’ becomes.