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    Expressions of Biases in the Ghanaian Political System
    (2011-06-05) Forjoe, Karla
    This project sought to identify the presence of biases in the Ghanaian political system, in order to define and explain the possible polarization existing within the country, and its consequences on the country’s political progress. This project involved research in Ghana, conducted in a 3 week period between December 2010 and January 2011, to test the hypothesis that biases were present within the local population and the cause of dangerous (rebellion-prompting) polarization within the population. The biases anticipated were motivated bias, explicitly ‘myside’ biases in the form of selective exposure, belief overkill, and biased assimilation/polarization. The research method was the use of an orally administered questionnaire to suit the needs of the population. It was found that there exists polarization within the country, though not an extreme polarization of the sort that would forewarn of revolution. These results are significant in that they help us understand the current Ghanaian political climate and the actions of its people.