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    Teacher well-being and resilience: Podcasts as a tool for global reach
    (2017-05-01) Kokores, Sophia; Johnstone, Anne; King, Julia; Jones, Amanda
    Teachers are under increasing pressure inside and outside the classroom, at work and at home. There is a growing need for resilience training and tools to help increase teacher well- being. As part of their global support for teachers, the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) is keen to develop a program to help teachers learn about and develop their resilience. Team Indigo, (four teachers and MAPP students), have developed a plan for a podcast approach to teaching resilience to teachers that includes empirically based strategies and case study interviews with real teachers. A podcast platform has been chosen for ease of production, low cost, global accessibility, and to create an interpersonal feel. There is potential to create ongoing podcasts which would be a ‘value-add’ for the IPEN website as well as a member acquisition tool.