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    Positive Psychology Toolkit for Coaches: Book Proposal
    (2007-07-31) Giffen, Debra; Zhivotovskaya, Emiliya
    This capstone project for the University of Pennsylvania Masters in Applied Positive Psychology program begins with a book prospectus that briefly describes the book’s proposed content, target audience, market potential, competitive works and author’s experience. This is followed by an annotated table of contents that gives a detailed outline of the entire work. Finally, there are two sample chapters that can also serve as stand-alone tools for coaches as they apply the positive psychology principles in their coaching practices. The sample chapters include Gratitude and Visualization. The framework for each chapter includes 9 sections: Definitions and Descriptions, Research, Coaching Rationale, Live Cases, Dealing with Resistance, Assessments, Activities and Exercises, Resources, and References.