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    High-Purity Oxygen Production Using Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conducting Sorbents
    (2016-04-01) Dorris, Chandler C; Lu, Eric; Park, Sangjae; Toro, Fabian H
    This project evaluates the potential of new, mixed ionic-electronic conducting (MIEC) materials in the production of high-purity oxygen. Analyzing today’s proven MIEC properties, we design an optimized process for the production of oxygen at 30 metric tons/day. This report includes a detailed model of MIECs performance in a vacuum swing adsorption system. A sensitivity analysis is also included, which is used to optimize the operating conditions and other design variables. Based on an oxygen selling price of $40 per ton, the realized process would operate at a loss in today’s economy. The total capital investment of the plant is $1.1 million and the expected NPV of the project is a loss of $87,000. The estimated IRR of the project is -28.08% and the 3-year ROI is -7.4%. Breakeven would occur at a price of $56.70.