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    Creating a World for "As You Like It"
    (2006-07-07) Kamine, Benjamin H
    Before proceeding, I want to break down how this discussion will be structured. This is the introductory portion of my thesis. Its purpose is to introduce some of the topics that this paper will address, and it has done that. It will also frame the paper for the reader. What will follow this introduction is a short section on past productions of As You Like It, both professional, and from my personal life, so that the reader can understand why my design of As You Like It is unique. Then I will discuss why my design is appropriate to the play, using some scholarly work on both Abstract Expressionism and the play itself to justify the marriage of the two. Finally, once all of this groundwork has been laid, I will describe the journey I went through: from being awarded a thesis, to writing this paper, and all of the things I learned along the way.