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  • Publication
    Picturebook Endpapers: Resources for Literary and Aesthetic Interpretation
    (2006-07-11) Sipe, Lawrence; McGuire, Caroline E
    In this article, we explore one of the important peritextual features of picturebooks - the endpapers. In order to represent the rich diversity of form and function displayed by endpapers, we group examples along two dimensions: whether the endpapers are illustrated or unillustrated, and whether the front and back end papers are identical or dissimilar. Within the four categories delineated by these two dimensions, we further articulate the various roles that endpapers can play in the construction of meaning from picturebooks. We present quotations from young children that show how they use endpapers as resources for literary and aesthetic interpretation, and provide suggestions for the integration of talk about endpapers within classroom literature discussions.
  • Publication
    A Unique Visual and Literary Art Form: Recent Research on Picturebooks
    (2007-01-01) Driggs Wolfenbarger, Carol; Sipe, Lawrence
    Picturebooks represent a unique visual and literary art form that engages young readers and older readers in many levels of learning and pleasure. This form, however, is changing rapidly and in turn generating new possibilities for teaching and research. Knowledge of recent developments in picturebooks, ways of reading these books, and bridging picturebook forms and innovations with reader response will enable practitioners to initiate fruitful conversations about the importance of picturebooks in the curriculum and inspire new directions in research.