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    “The Limits of Our Language are the Limits of Our World”: The Use of Generative Language to Create More Inspiring Realities of the World
    (2019-01-01) Huffstetler, Mallory
    This paper is written to explore the use of positive phrases (mantras, quotes, affirmations etc.) to influence the thinking and behavior patterns of the individual. It introduces the idea that language use is important to wellbeing in the individual and can be used more intentionally to impact outcomes. Through the lens of positive psychology, this paper analyzes the use of language and the outcomes it drives, as well as how the more intentional use of language can influence thought patterns in order to help individuals navigate adversity and orient themselves for the future. The author also explores the potential directions of research and best practices regarding these phrases and interventions for the future. An intervention introduced as thought ladders is proposed as a way for individuals to employ self-efficacy to access the benefits of these positive phrases and use them in their daily lives to influence well-being and generate flourishing environments.