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    A Gap Theorem For Half-Conformally-Flat 4-Manifolds
    (2016-01-01) Citoler-Saumell, Martin
    Given a smooth, compact manifold, an important question to ask is, what are the ``best'' metrics that it admits. A reasonable approach is to consider as ``best'' metrics those that have the least amount of curvature possible. This leads to the study of canonical metrics, that are defined as minimizers of several scale-invariant Riemannian functionals. In this dissertation, we study the minimizers of the Weyl curvature functional in dimension four, which are precisely half-conformally-flat metrics. Extending a result of LeBrun, we show an obstruction to the existence of ``almost'' scalar-flat half-conformally-flat metrics in terms of the positive-definite part of its intersection form. On a related note, we prove a removable singularity result for Hodge-harmonic self-dual 2-forms on compact, anti-self-dual Riemannian orbifolds with non-negative scalar curvature.