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    Corporate Criminal Liability in India: A Pressing Issue
    (2022-01-01) Agrawal, Pranavi
    A company is regarded as a distinct legal body from its owners. It may be characterized as a group of people working towards a single purpose, typically commercial. The degree to which a firm, as a distinct organization, is accountable for the actions of its workers is defined by Corporate Criminal Liability under Indian criminal law. The two main questions raised about corporate liability are whether a company can commit a crime, and whether it is legally accountable for the alleged criminal conduct. This paper analyzes the history of the concept of Corporate Criminal Liability around the world, its background and development in India, and how it has evolved over the years. Through case studies, this paper attempts to study how the concept applies to the Indian judicial system and lists the shortcomings that need to be addressed. In the end, the research suggests how Corporate Criminal Liability laws and their applications can be improved to hold corporations more accountable, and ultimately, safeguard the public.