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    Fabrication and Characterization of I-cord Knitted SMA Actuators
    (2021-03-13) Kim, Christopher Y; Chien, Athena; Tippur, Megha; Sung, Cynthia
    Knitted SMA actuators provide greater actuation stroke than single-strand SMA wire actuators by leveraging its knitted structure. However, due to short-circuiting through interlacing knit loops, existing knitted SMA sheet actuators are unsuitable for joule-heating actuation when uniform contractile actuation is desired. We explore an axially symmetric tubular i-cord knitted actuator as a possible solution. The fabrication process of an i-cord knitted SMA actuator and its electrical, thermal, and mechanics models are presented. After modifying existing models for single-strand SMA wire and adjusting their parameters, the proposed electrical, thermal, and mechanics models were verified with experimental results. Acknowledgements Support for this project has been provided in part by NSF REU EEC-1659190 and by the GeorgiaTech Stamps President's Scholars program.