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    The Impact of Value-Based Reimbursement on Patient Care
    (2022-01-01) Sharma, Samarth
    This paper aims to perform initial research on the impact of value-based reimbursement on the quality of patient care. I will apply descriptive and exploratory data analysis methods on patient claims data to understand the change in length of stay over time as value-based payment models became a larger proportion of reimbursement structures. I also provide descriptive evidence of the obstacles to the implementation of value-based reimbursement based on physician perspectives. Initial findings show that diagnoses related to pregnancies decreased in mean and standard deviation of length of stay, which points to increased patient quality. There may be some correlation with increased value-based reimbursement and decreased length of stay, but there is no clear pattern to draw firm conclusions and it appears as a whole that shifts in reimbursement models result in small impacts.