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    The Utilization of the STOP-Bang Questionnaire for Identification of Surgical Patients at Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    (2020-12-01) Borden, Weatherall J; DiVincenzo, Leslie; Masi, Natalie R
    Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a breathing disorder that if left untreated during the perioperative period can lead to deleterious complications. Considering there remains a significant amount of Americans undiagnosed, it is of utmost importance that adult surgical patients undergoing elective procedures be appropriately screened to detect OSA risk in order to decrease adverse events through individualized interventions during the surgical phases. Polysomnography testing is the diagnostic standard, but its complexity in the perioperative setting renders it impractical. The STOP-Bang questionnaire is a validated screening tool that can be utilized as an alternative in this population to accurately identify at risk patients. At a local urban hospital in Pennsylvania, a data analytics team determined that a 1.6% annual compliance rate exists with this risk stratification tool amongst anesthesia providers. The aim of this quality improvement (QI) project is to increase overall compliance of the STOP-Bang questionnaire via incorporation into the preoperative nursing assessment and ultimately, increase detection of OSA risk in the undiagnosed surgical population at this healthcare institution. Post implementation data was analyzed and it was revealed that STOP-Bang compliance increased at an upwards of 62.2% over a 4–week period. It was also shown that 14.8% of the surgical population was identified as intermediate to high-risk for OSA development. The STOP-Bang questionnaire is well documented for its reliability, precision, and ability to aid in provider identification of surgical patients at risk for OSA. Considering the specialized, individualized, and careful management OSA patients require to prevent perioperative complications, screening with the STOP-Bang questionnaire is recommended.