Date of Award

Summer 5-14-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

First Advisor

Melanie Masin-Moyer, DSW, LCSW

Second Advisor

Betty Chandy, Ed.D.


The South Asian patriarchal and socio-cultural environment adolescent girls are raised in may disempower them, creating a perception of them being social and economic burdens (Theerthaana & Manzoor, 2018). South Asian American youth born of immigrant parents also face this gendered double standard and patriarchal attitude (Ragavan et al., 2018). Prevention and promotive-based programs for adolescents is a protective factor, as it supports and builds resilience, self-esteem and acts as a buffer against the potential occurrence of a mental illness (Martyn-Nemeth et al., 2009; WHO, 2020). The adolescence period provides a significant and dynamic developmental opportunity (Morton & Montgomery, 2013; Steinberg, 2014) to positively influence and foster strengths, skills, and attitudes. Despite South Asia having the largest population of adolescent girls worldwide (UNICEF, 2011), there is a paucity of such initiatives. This dissertation aimed to fill this gap. The development of the Go Girls- e-Huddle practice manual is presented as a culturally competent online group intervention for enhancing the resilience and self-esteem of adolescent girls raised in South Asian families (AGRSAF). It is developed as a digital resource that allows for increased accessibility and is designed for a non-clinical population that is led by a culturally responsive facilitator. The content, pedagogical design, intervention strategy, and methodology of the Go-Girls e-Huddle program was grounded and informed by four sources of information- evidence-based research, sound theoretical frameworks, focus group discussions (FGD) that captured the lived experience of AGRSAF, and consultations with subject matter experts. A qualitative thematic analysis of the FGD data was conducted to identify key content and design elements that were meaningful and culturally relevant. The Go-Girls e-Huddle practice manual is submitted as a ready-to-use, comprehensive yet flexible resource guide, that includes sections on effective facilitation skills, seven detailed session plans, digitally available worksheets, and supporting PowerPoints.

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Social Work Commons