Date of Award

Summer 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Graduate Group

Materials Science & Engineering

First Advisor

Christopher B. Murray


Solids constructed with single and multicomponent nanocrystal represent an exciting new form of condensed matter, as they can potentially capture not only the quantum features of the individual building blocks but also novel collective properties that arise from coupling of nanocrystal components. In this thesis, measurement and interpretation of temperature-dependent thermopower in semiconductor nanocrystal solids are used to elucidate the Fermi energy level and the density of state distribution. The physical understating of temperature dependence of thermopower is, in turn, utilized to develop a powerful tool with which to monitor doping in PbTe nanocrystal solids with different concentrations of Ag2Te nanocrystal dopants. Combining the temperature-dependent thermopower and electrical conductivity measurements provides a unique electronic spectroscopy tool with which to reveal the carrier distribution and dynamics in semiconductor nanocrystal solids.

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