Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Graduate Group

Electrical & Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Mark G. Allen


High-energy-product permanent magnets (PM) are utilized in many industrial, research, consumer, and commercial applications. Indeed, there are many potential applications that can utilize sub-mm PM to create miniaturized versions of motors, generators, energy harvesters, undulators, sensors, actuators, and other microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices. Magnets in MEMS are both important and useful because they can provide a strong force at a distance within a compact package; however, there exists a gap in magnet technologies today where magnets have little to no presence between bottom-up microfabricated PM and top-down machined bulk PM. Thus, there is a need for a form of PM that can be 100–500��m thick with lateral dimensions of the same order to fill this gap and provide the advantageous magnetic properties of bulk PM at this scale. This dissertation presents the development of laser micromachining as a fabrication technology that enables the microfabrication of PM to generate geometrically complex magnetic fields at the sub-mm scale. Generating geometrically complex magnetic fields at the sub-mm scale opens up new possibilities in medical technology, energy generation, and many other applications. Models simulating magnetic properties and the effects of laser machining are presented and compared to measurements. The fabrication technology discussed here allows sub-mm, geometrically complex magnetic fields to be achieved while maintaining the characteristics of bulk PM. The utility of this advance in fabrication technology is demonstrated through multiple research vehicles, including undulators for radiation generation and multipole energy harvesters operable at low frequency. Such vehicles represent a small sample of the potential applications for this work.

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