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PhillydotMap: The Shape of Philadelphia. Cartographic Modeling Lab, ed. University of Pennsylvania, 2009.


This book is the outgrowth of a working group entitled, “Modeling Urban Environmental Impacts on Health, Development, and Behavior" sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Urban Research. The purpose of the working gropu was to engage faculty from across campus and to encourage their collaborative use of GIS technology in the modeling of urban form and function. These ten chapters represent a wide range of GIS applications, from community-based social services to public history to social science research.


GIS, cartographic modeling, urban studies, mapping

Additional Files

Chapt2_Elder_Friendly_Environments.pdf (719 kB)
Chapter 2: Using Spatial Modeling to Design Elder-Friendly Urban Environments, by Eileen Sullivan-Marx, Joan K. Davitt, Harris Steinberg, Dina Scholssbert, Diane-Louise Wormley, Lucy Kerman & Rachel B. Cohen

Chapt3_FEDUP_Childhood_Obesity.pdf (1061 kB)
Chapter 3: FED-UP with Childhood Obesity, by Amy Hillier & Stella Volpe

Chapt4_Heat_Islands.pdf (744 kB)
Chapter 4: Using Map Algebra to Model Urban Heat, by C. Dana Tomlin

Chapt5_Wilma_Theater.pdf (1638 kB)
Chapter 5: The Wilma Theater and Innovative Marketing, by Rachel Cheetham-Richard & Megan Heckert

Chapt6_WEB_Du_Bois.pdf (982 kB)
Chapter 6: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Social Survey Movement, by Amy Hillier

Chapt7_Gun_Violence.pdf (561 kB)
Chapter 7: Understanding Philadelphia’s Violent Landscape, by Charles Branas & Douglas Wiebe

Chapt8_Historic_Streets.pdf (650 kB)
Chapter 8: Mapping Historic Streets, by Michael McLarnon, Heather Newlin & Jason Hutchins

Chapt9_Decision_Maps_Rex.pdf (697 kB)
Chapter 9: Bringing Multi-Criterion Siting Decisions to the Web, by Megan Heckert & Robert Cheetham

Chapt10_Cicero.pdf (679 kB)
Chapter 10: Promoting Local Political Engagement with GIS-Based Web Services, by Megan Heckert

Chapt1_Historical_Landscapes_book.pdf (1772 kB)
Chapter 1: Using GIS to Map the Historical Landscape, by Joan Decker & Zachary L. Lechner

Preface_TOC_About_Authors_book.pdf (226 kB)
Preface, Table of Contents, About the Authors



Date Posted: 27 October 2009