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Technical Report

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May 1971


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-71-23.


The design and construction of a flexible, general purpose, time-shared data management system with advanced information storage and retrieval capabilities [l] requires a language by which a user of the system can specify the records and the operations to be performed on these records. The Command and Query Language has been developed to meet these requirements [2].

An important element of the Command and Query Language is its Interpreter. The design and implementation of the Command and Query Language Interpreter is the topic of this report.

The Interpreter consists of routines needed to handle the execution of the user's Command and Query Language statements. It enables the user to write a set of statements for immediate execution or for execution at a later time. The Interpreter can also handle the execution of single statements.


query language procedures, terminal command processor, TSOS commands, interpreter design, formal parameter command, interpreter implementation



Date Posted: 23 January 2008