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Technical Report

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January 2008


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-08-01.


Selectionists and neutralists have fiercely debated, for the past five decades, the extent to which Darwinian selection has shaped molecular evolution. However, both camps do agree that Darwinian selection is a bona fide natural phenomenon. Therefore, various so-called "tests of neutrality" have been developed to detect natural selection on a particular gene or genomic location (for a review on this topic, see Biswas and Akey, 2006). However, these tests are often qualitative and only provide the directionality of selection. A decade and a half ago, S. Sawyer and D. Hartl provided a mathematical framework with which to determine quantitatively the intensity of selection on a particular gene, which they applied to the Adh locus in the Drosophila genome (Sawyer and Hartl, 1992).



Date Posted: 16 January 2008