Technical Reports (CIS)

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Technical Report

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January 1975


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-75-01.


This paper reports research undertaken to conceptualize, design and implement a system for automatic indexing, classification and repositing of text items, which may be any aggregates of information in English language on a computer - readable media, in a standard format.

The ultimate goal of the research reported here is to devise all automatic processes which would read text items, and then index, classify and reposit them for subsequent search and retrieval. Only portions of the path to this goal have been made fully automatic. These portions consist of all automatic processes as follows:

1. Scanning the text items and assigning candidate index terms (words or phrases) to the items.

2. Discriminating and rejecting candidate index terms determined to be ineffective in forming a classification automatically.

3. Generating a classification system and repositing the text items in accordance with this system.



Date Posted: 14 November 2007