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Technical Report

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July 1989


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-89-45.


The purpose of this thesis is in showing how recent developments in logic programming can be exploited to encode in a computational environment the features of certain linguistic theories. We are in this way able to make available for the purpose of natural language processing sophisticated capabilities of linguistic analysis directly justified by well developed grammatical frameworks.

More specifically, we exploit hypothetical reasoning, recently proposed as one of the possible directions to widen logic programming, to account for the syntax of filler-gap dependencies along the lines of linguistic theories such as Generalized Phrase Structure Grammar and Categorial Grammar. Moreover, we make use, for the purpose of semantic analysis of the same kind of phenomena, of another recently proposed extension, interestingly related to the previous one, namely the idea of replacing first-order terms with the more expressive λ-terms of λ-Calculus.



Date Posted: 05 November 2007