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Technical Report

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August 1992


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-92-86.


The expressiveness of logic programs can be greatly increased over first-order Horn clauses through a stronger emphasis on logical connectives and by admitting various forms of higher-order quantification. The logic of hereditary Harrop formulas and the notion of uniform proof have been developed to provide a foundation for more expressive logic programming languages. The λ-Prolog language is actively being developed on top of these foundational considerations. The rich logical foundations of λ-Prolog provides it with declarative approaches to modular programming, hypothetical reasoning, higher-order programming, polymorphic typing, and meta-programming. These aspects of λ-Prolog have made it valuable as a higher-level language for the specification and implementation of programs in numerous areas, including natural language, automated reasoning, program transformation, and databases.



Date Posted: 17 August 2007