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Technical Report

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January 1993


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-93-13.


Human locomotion simulation along a curved path is presented. The process adds a small constant cost (O(1)) to any pre-existing straight line walking algorithm. The input curve is processed by the foot print generator to produce a foot print sequence. The resulting sequence is scanned by the walking motion generator that actually generates the poses of the walking that realizes such foot prints. The two primitives INITIALIZE_STEP and ADVANCE_STEP are used for walking motion generation. INITIALIZE_STEP is activated with the input parameters walker, next_foot_print, left_or_right, and step_duration, just before each step to precompute the trajectories of the center of the body and the ankles. ADVANCE_STEP is called with a normalized time to generate the actual pose at that moment. The normalized time is a logical time, covering zero to one during a complete step.


animation, human locomotion, walking path, foot prints, algorithm, generalization, trajectory, time complexity



Date Posted: 16 August 2007